Coffee: The Devil’s Drink

Thick and black, dark and strong,
pours down your throat with an initial feeling
that nothing could go wrong.
As you reach the end of the cup and the very last drop...
your mouth starts to dry and your tongue starts to tock.

As you begin to speak,
your weariness shines through,
to those who can smell your caffeinated breath,
as far away as an inch or two.

You think the daily three-dollar habit has no affect,
until you look in the mirror and give your teeth a check;
yellow stains clamor and claw,
and eventually swallow the entire tooth...
enamel and all.

It's the job of Starbucks and Java Jazz too,
to tell you there's no permanent damage
this current societal craze can do.

But the next time you enjoy eating your favorite lunch,
and realize it takes more than a toothpick and punch,
to wash away the remains you've chowed on that day,
don't labor too long...
before realizing the real culprit is only a sip away.

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