By Gabby   

I was in the middle of the street 1 night
laying down.
Soft breathing
Cold ground
The air was cold and so was I

The tires coming near
Sirens loud
lights flickering
yet none have reached me nor seen me
Why was I so cold?

No voices alive
no life around
Where did everyone go?
Why am I so alone?

I push myself up
legs wobbly
Gaining my balance, Something's wrong.
The moon is bright but
there's darkness all around me

I begin walking, not looking back
feels like hours of getting no where;
Like an ongoing circle,I cry out
but no one was there to
help me

Footsteps approach
I look forward and see a body
Running fast, she's breathing hard.
She's running from something, but can't get away
I can't see her face but I know she's fading

she runs in the street
not realizing her fate.
A car races behind
2 lights
engine roaring

My eyes blur, as she runs at me
I finally see her face....
She's crying while pushing
my hands reach out but she runs right through me
A spirit...the whiff of coldness embraces me

I turn around to yell
but the beast strikes her from behind
Everything all too fast
her lifeless body lay in her own pool of blood
she chokes grasping her last breath as the beast retreats
I run over to watch...

She stares at me before closing her eyes
Whispering final words of goodbye
so this is how i died.

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This poem...all my poems...display what I'm truly feeling inside.