Cold and Warm

Cold to the touch of a warm hand
Once warm to the touch of a cold
Bruise after bruise scarring deeper than skin
Imprints from the hand I would hold

Cold at the sight of warm eyes
Once warm at the sight of cold
Tear after tear falling gently down my cheek
Unable to recognize the eyes I'd known

Cold to the feel of warm lips
Once warm to the cold lips of his
Scream after scream escaping my being
Led on by the lips I would kiss

Cold at the sound of warm words
Once warm at the sound of cold
Pill after pill falling with ease down my throat
As I recall the things I'd been told

Cold to the idea of a warm life
When my warm life was stolen from me
Siren after siren sounding loudly from the driveway
As I lay my cold bones down to sleep

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