Heavy hail in disguise
One wild wind, pretending to be nice .

Only if your heart wasn't cold as ice,
We'd still be in london having the times of our lives.
My love was pure,
But there was lust in your eyes.
'A pallet of colours, too difficult to handle, my soul it was',
Lust never goes beyond the body, said the wise.

My fault was too little.
I searched for love in a world of misers.
You had love for me, you just couldn't share.
I gave my body to you, but it couldn't suffice.

The valiant winds, the mystical seas and the poetic skies,
Wondered, oh how they wondered.
Fragile emotions were in their sight,
Like the oceans set on fire.
They saw how you told me gorgeous lies.
The beauty of my faithful mind, too naive,
Still found solace in your arms,
Defeating the wise.
Indeed, I was a soulful hymn,
An incoherent soul,
Reckless enough to be your paradise.
My love was burning red,
Oh darling, but your heart was cold as ice,
It was cold as ice.

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