Cold Corner

Freedom calls, but it never replies
How many times and how many lies
They cage me up and say I'm just a reject
When in reality all I ask is for some respect
They tell me I'm a burden and need to leave
But honestly love is all I want to receive
Why can't we fight for those alone in the dark
I'm on the street waiting for the fire to spark
Living in a world so cold and broken
My voice still seems to be unspoken
I cry from the sewer for some one to listen
Glass shines and there's scars that glisten
Physical, mental, sexual, and more
I'm the one left on the bathroom floor
They don't listen and I still cry
I was raped...and they ask why
It's not because I'm a target
Because rich or poor you didn't ask for it
Can't we have peace and unity
The real question though is does it exist
Everyone cries because they didn't meet their bucket list
But it's okay there's always tomorrow
Maybe then there won't be anymore sorrow

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