Cold Furious Mold

Cold Furious mold
Cold furious mold wind blow UN whole go and take your own
Clay make a disastrous display of how you may envision me
Your master piece your greatest sculpture cold furious mold
Mend my clay cold furious mold water my pain before I dry away
I want to give you one more day to just leave and stay away
For the sake of our miserable state smoke covers our sight
No more light we are just used to the messed up and confused
We both hope for one another to change but my clay remains
The same and you display the same shame cold furious mold
I love how we share our suffering and despair despite the hate
Our souls are captured together and that's fate now our silence
Will unwind us into just a piece of dried out clay too hard to
Reuse for art so we will just be discarded cold furious mold
Save what you can and do me this favor leave any other remains
Hope is only for the unbroken
Cold Furious mold wind blow UN whole

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