Cold November Wonderings

November is coming and my candle burns bright
Wonder will it be snuffed out in the dark of night
Cold seems the one that with its warmth I try to light
In all hallows eve this fills me with fright

With the rain falling down my cheeks in merciless pain
My body grows older through all the years of my strains
Can this love that is in me survive or even sustain
Or will this love die when November brings rain

Questions without answers does not fill the void
That is left when one loved speaks only to avoid
Soothing as it can be, only leaves a heart true annoyed

What must I seek to hold the light in place
In the absence of the ones timeless face
A photograph does not do justice nor replace

But leaves questions unanswered as I feel the end
And with such an end in sight should my spirit bend
For all my struggles through love I believed would win

Yet cold is the wind that blows through the trees
Trembling cold creeps up upon the winters breeze
Wondering again is love the cure or disgusting disease

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