Cold Revenge

Forgiveness, overrated
My anger, never sated
I’ll remove his brains from his skull

I’m sorry he said
But soon he’ll be dead
Apologies from him are null

There once was a time
When feelings of mine
Would lead me to turn my cheek

See that time has passed
My hatred so vast
I’ll grind his face into meat

Most don’t understand
Just how such a man
Could seethe with such animosity

If one simply thinks
One sees the clear links
Between offense and atrocity

I won’t let it go
My heart will soon know
The release that comes with retribution

Punishment, I care not
Authorities may trot
To carry me to penal institution

My only regret
He does not know yet
The violent death that awaits

It would’ve been grand
To see such a man
Ponder in terror his fate

I’m told that revenge
Is anger unhinged
A meal best delivered by the bold

I don’t know bout that
But I know for fact
He’ll soon receive his serving cold

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