Cold Wooden Seats

Defined by a number
Becoming a statistic
A place with so much pressure
Just struggling to be optimistic
They say the only important thing is to get a degree
But what happened to letting our minds and hearts roam free?
The Pythagorean theorem has zero impact on any life choice
But at least my poetry has given me a voice
Being taught things we'll never use again
We should be taught art, love, creativity and equality of men
They say if you follow your heart and don't do the normal way
You'll become a bum
The only way to succeed is to follow their narrow-minded curriculum
Along the way we lose our identities
Because the only path there is, is the path they want us to see
Expected to act like adults
Setting the wrong tone
Considering the fact we make no decisions on our own
Taught that money defines success
Even though true success is based on the love in your chest
Took away our creativity, took away our voice
Took away our minds to be free
Now sit down, stop talking and close your imagination
In those cold wooden seats

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