Collapse the eclipse of the lips before they close wonder if these voluntary actions are determined pre or post who knows but atoms be here there and everywhere still people ignorant beligerant to the uncouth truth spew this tryst dont take the piss we hiss rise up like a cobra 4 leaf clover just popped to dover now on way back to pluto cant compute tho answer to life 10 year back 44 google said people just nodded their head, gullable dullable dross of the cross with the savior who saved his choices for the one true tone – papa smurf, gnome in between that be projections of energy sub marining the subatomic realm dont put yourself on the shelf ignite the elf it aint for the wealth but the health be hitting them boxes getting the mushrooms and floating away to another level – best know be bring the treble with this boombox treadmill – idiocracy of this hypocracy – please messiah complex sarah bellum to tell em i bring any and all to their knees – falcon balcon-y preach teach plato tesla rothsbergs now thats absurd

Since the start - i entered
left the placenter behind
energy scaving to be released tonight
the fright of fast forwarding to a 30 year old
wishing i was told the scientific truth illuminate
this mind of mine instead of laying the path with mines
crimes powers that be in their prime
the time of secrets to stone cold to tell tonight
skull n cross bone just a snippet of what we know
in a box tied up in the present with a bow
but me take that bow see applause not yet
but reset the step next - perplexed at the vortex
the parallel shift - the omnipresence of my presence
simply heaven sent no time to repent just an open
letter who can sense the stength of this self
scentenced head - ahead of this time like a terrorist
from the future never duplicated or replicated
just rome with pupils dialated belated
with the ascended chakra's of the energized eyes that
see through the middle - grissel on the griddle sheep
it's deep - depp johnny always on, real like stills
from a horror movie real - unreal the realness
contest no conquest we on our own little ones
good luck to you all but no man can take my pedastool
cos be floating boasting sheen, tyson, bieber trying
to roast the poet who bestowed the ode to the synapse

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