In elementary school
You color and you'll do great
Even in Middle school
There's not much to hate

But once high school rolls around
Things start to get tough
And everyone starts talking
About certain stuff

It's all college college college
Every minute of the day
Recommendations, AP classes
What in the world is a resume?

Have you taken the PSAT, SAT, ACT?
What about PARCC or the HSA?
There are so many tests to take
There goes most of my day

Everyone wants to plan out your life
and cover the next ten years
And of course they have to go through
Every single available career

Don't you think it's overload
That maybe it's too much
Like there's so many numbers
That need to be crunched

Yeah it's a big deal
But need it be mentioned all the time?
We're living our youth now
And we're running short on time

You want us to be adults
To be so mature
But you act like we need to be that way all the time
And I'm just not sure

When we want to do something
You say we're just a child
But why can't we be both
Not all of us are wild

The next step is coming
And it's coming in so fast
And someday soon our present
Will become our past

So let us enjoy it while we can
Don't shove the future in our face
And I assure you we will
Get there at our own pace

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