College Life

Is it almost over?
Feels like I ask myself this question every end of the semester.
I start off strong with new pens and books ready to learn.
Thinking I got this, nothing is going to stop me;
Slowly but surely work, friends and family jump into the picture
Adding to the stress and chaos of what we call college,
But sometimes I feel it is more like torture.
Then, my mind remembers that it's for the future.
Even with all my negative thoughts about school
I need to just get it together!
There is a month left on this semester,
I need to get my extra credit work done,
Exams studied for,
And papers for Mr. Bird ready to go.
Even if I repeat the question is it almost over?
Once I finish the last final it will be time for a break.
I will be screaming on top of my lungs:
I am done!

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This Poems Story

I would like to thank my dad and mom, Ericson and Blesie Aganon, and my younger sister and brother, Hannah and Eric Christian Aganon. Lastly, I would like to thank my grandparents, Ernesto and Estela Aganon, and my grandma, Alejandra Clemente. Thanks for all the love and support.