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College v/s School

By N.A.   

Imagining college life is futile
Coz’ it’s so different from school life
Only after experience can you decide
The amount of change in the two lifestyles

Breaking rules used to be something great
Now there is not even a single rule to break
Bunking classes was an adventurous thing
Now missing lectures has become a routine
Attendance was given once a day
Now every hour we’re answering on our name
Earlier every subject’s notebook was maintained
Now everything a single register contains
Used to hide mobiles and other gadgets in school
Now phone’s on silent only if the teacher scolds
Used to classes with students from same place
Now we study with people from different states

The freedom we experience
The responsibilities we shoulder
Changed drastically
Like change to sand from a boulder

We miss the school life
But we love our college days
No one’s like our old friends
But have made some on our way.

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    This Poems Story

    As the title suggests, this poem is about the difference in the lifestyle when in college and in school.