We learn not the religion
Of our forebears,
They regard us as primitive,
A rebellion against our culture,
Poverty of the mind continue
To sell our people to
mental slavery.

Our culture is now alien to us,
The land of alienation has Its consolation.

When will thee relinquish
The attitudes of 'colonial mentality'
That the 'Òyinbós' of yesteryears
Fed us with.
A world that worships at
Altars of hatred,
May 'Olodùmaré' liberate us all.

Bunch of hypocrites,
Hypocrites who patronise the Custodians of our religion for
Spiritual fortification and healing,
Still held in the throes
Of psychological slavery,
Celebrates culture to
Attract tourism.

They deploy collective
Patrimony to sponsor
Pilgrimage to other lands,
While desecrating our culture,
They want to earn forex
From tourism when all they do is an attempt to 'sell ice to the Eskimos'.

The wagons of imported
Religions encircle us,
Their hawks fly above our heads.

They indoctrinates our children
To rise against their ancestors,
And destroy the basis of our existence.

A rebid of cultural assault against
Our lands, our minds and
everything that anchors our identity,

The renaissance is on,
Our ancestors reincarnates in us.
There is an antidote
For 'colo-mentality'.

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This Poems Story

This post is about religion hypocrisy among the new generation, they regard our culture as primitive while they celebrate foreign culture and regard it to be 'civilized'. African has a unique culture which we should all be proud of. It's our identity we should not alienate from it.