By Tokyo   

When I look at you do you know what I see?
I see a person, a human being.
Someone that has the potential to do amazing things
But as a person you can destroy.
I hope you choose wisely
When I look at you I see your different from me.
Our hair, body types, lips, eyes,
lips, even smile are so different.
But if we picked up a knife and slit our
arms would we not both bleed red?
Do we not both have veins that look blue?
Didn't you come from your mothers womb as I did?
And will you not die one day like me?
On the inside we work the same.
So why can't people see you as m equal?
We don't live the same lives and we don't cry about
the same things.
But in more ways than one we are one in the same.
Just like so many people around us.
So, my question is if I can see you as a person,
my equal, as we all are.
How come so many see color and difference?

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