A world of wonder, a world of grace,
A world where nobody can see what's on my face.
Something odd, something peculiar,
Just eighty years ago, there went the Führer.
Judging by creed and denomination,
Hitler awoke the master nation.
A land of pure, ivory, and complete people,
Free from the oppression of those under a different steeple.
The people followed, without a question,
For it was not they who caused the infection.
“Twas the Jews, they did it! And maybe the gays!
It is them, not us, that will burn in flames!”

Across the sea, Uncle Sam struggled with much the same.
All of us who are not pure, demonized and shamed.
Color is religion and color is conviction.
If color is a factor, here's a prediction:

When the world sees color, we divide as a society.
We judge and we hate and we blame, killing variety.
In truth, it matters not the color of skin,
We are all here together, black and white therein.
Blind some may be, in the nature of sight,
But see, they do, that which is right.
Those who see color, they are the lame.
Color shouldn't be seen, and it is to blame.

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