color became nihility

the color that once settled
has been washed away
from the tears i had cried
the color became nihility
it vanished from my palms
escaping into a world that has gates
and the gates will not open to let me in
instead they used me as a gate
cause i was standing still
unknowingly my vulnerability
had swiveled into a liability
my acceptance had the greater strength
so i learned to collapse and allow it
to take every inch of control
while i just sat there
drenched in hopelessness

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This Poems Story

this poem i wrote is about becoming very depressed. and dealing with depression. also about abuse and how it can make you feel worthless and the color seems to fade away gradually. depression take control of you. the abuser controls you. even though this poem is very eerie and dark. it has a beautiful ending with color. but it is located in another poem.