Color Me American

I love myself, I cherish myself
I respect myself and you will too
I know my roots
half the tribe of Cherokee, half the sweet love of French
but the better half of me is from my African American descent
Some from my mother and some from my father
but he's never around so why bother.
the young black girl with the missing father so stereotypical
but this type of behavior is expected in the black community
Mother Nature plays no favorites but she definitely has mvps.
everything is always so black and white
colors leave no hue
civil rights we we're
fighting for our rights, right?
writing is the only escape
from a society telling you you aren't good enough
My little sister asked me today,
"what is the purpose of life"
I said ones own meaning will differ from the others
but mine is seeing the way your eyes light up the earth.
for you are beautiful now
and just as innocent as you were at birth
let no man take that away from you
there's more that meets the eye
everything is not black and white
let a dash of color be made anew

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