Color Parade

Shades of green and brown and my heart breaks a little more
And every time you leave me I go falling to the floor
Whenever you glance over, I wish I could steal your stare
Every time you speak to me, you leave me feeling bare

Your shadow makes me shiver in its shades of blue and white
I’ve come to hate the day so I can see you during night
My blankets are the sea that I would drown in if I could
You speak the only language that I wish I understood

I dream in shades of yellow and the music that you’ve played
Days beat down on my shoulders, leave me longing for the shade
I cry in front of mirrors wishing you could see my tears
It feels I’ve loved you minutes, when I know I’ve loved you years

The shades of purple drown me and I scream out when I can
I never understood what makes a woman or a man
Our hair fell out like roses as it bled into the sky
So we grew a little taller as the color parade marched by

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