Color Your World

The multitude of colors surrounding our world, as black as the night, or white like a pearl.
The blue sky cries and fills the dead sea, as decay in some places is up to your knees.
The green peace fades with the calm scent of sage, as forests catch fire, red as my rage.
The yellow stars begin to dull, as the guns used for war begin to get full.
Pink, the color most known for love, is now not about caring, but more the lack of.
Our oranges will rot and fall to the leaves, as various animals die from the heat.
The purple toxins entering our lungs, as bad as cigarettes, leaving ash on our tongues.
Teens cry at night for the sweet kiss of death, as parents find them face down on their beds.
Placebos and meds given to us to keep us quiet, as we’re told by our peers to go on a diet.
Insults and mean things spat in our face, but why does religion matter, and why does race?
Kids are abused and turn black and blue, but the police won’t listen, will you?
It’s only high school and they’re only just people, so why do I feel like I’m not their equal.
We’re losing sleep because of your words, but you don’t care when I say my mind hurts.
I get so sick I’m green, but it’s obviously fake, cause I’m clearly not sick enough to stay home for god sake.
You tell us “grow up” but you don’t tell us how, we need to take breaks, but breaks you won’t allow.
You decide not to listen to anything we say, which makes growing up harder every day.
You ask us a question, but our answer is “just an excuse” every day in this school is like mental abuse. People don’t listen because we are young, but we’re your future, we can’t hold our tongues.
Stress and assignments pile up like dead bodies, as we try our very best to satisfy everybody.
The multitude of colors surrounding our world, you expect these big things but I’m just a girl.
You expect me to remember everything you’re saying, but I don’t want to be in this game that you’re playing.

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