Coloring Inside The Lines

Every person is born an individual. We are unique
and creative and are taught that we are all important
and will do great things, so it’s hard to understand
when we are told to lose ourselves and become no more
than a letter grade, and that every mistake
will be held against us, and to be worth

anything we need to realize we are worth
less than before,
when we were praised for being unique
and coloring outside the lines.
We were told that it was important to be ourselves.
Now we must fall in line, and the more
we blend in the better.

But some of us believe they are important
and that they can be more
than a letter on a paper. They know their worth
isn't determined by the number of mistakes
they made, and they understand
that it is important to be unique.

We are each like a coloring book.
We can color inside the lines and make no mistakes,
or we can understand that it is important
to make the grass purple or add rainbows to the sky.

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