mind twists like a hanger that’s rusted and bent
dangling off of the clothes rack all metal and dents
if you asked me I’d tell you I don’t have a clue
‘cause I keep getting five when I add two and two

I’m just a girl who can feel all alone
I’m singing and crying at night when I’m home
but you come along, with your words so damn sweet
I’m with him, I know, so then why did we meet?

something pulled us together like opposite poles
something, someone out there already knows
our future, my questions, the barrier of him
if you wanted my heart in a heartbeat you’d win

dimes tumble down into wishing-well faith
I succumb and step back, giving in every day
but I won’t ‘cause I can’t, you know how I feel
he may not treat me right but I’m head over heels

with him - and with you - like a tangle of thread
it’s funny the way things can get so complex
morphing faster than light, multiplying like tens
just in seconds, an instant, a breathless moment...

my mind is a knot of uneven odds
I’m surrounded by beauty, by marshes and bogs
when I count to three and come back to life
who might have stayed, what might I find?

mind like a hanger in rough callused hands
someone who’s stopped caring and I understand
if feelings were easy I’d choose no or yes
but if feelings were easy we’d be colorless.

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