COLORS by Geoffrey Penner 11/13/20

They told the man he was African- American
That he needed to rebel and be strong
They called her an Asian-American
Then said that she didn't belong
They called the kid a Hispanic American
A product of illegals all along
They dubbed them Native American
And in each case they were wrong

The truth is we are all American
Concerned more with color than culture
Pretending to be their neighbor
But acting like we're a vulture
Conflating a person's skin tone
With identity leaves half a person
Leaves us looking at each other
As if we're less than or worse than

So if you want to see only the surface
And look only at color than I do too
To me it's not black brown or white
But the red white and blue
Wherever you came from whatever country
Or in what neighborhood you're born
Regardless whether you're big or small
Or from some kind of tragedy torn

We can't change our past though we try
We can't predict our future by asking why
We can't improve our lives in a blink of an eye
And vengeance won't undo wrong in a life
But we can choose to look beyond the fable
Refuse to give power to society's mere label
And right the ship while we are able
And come as one nation to the same table

Sorry, not sorry...I said it, I did
Someone needed to finally say it
We are Americans not colors
We are a nation of real brothers
And sister, uncles, aunt's cousins
And grandfathers and grandmothers
Let us be United, stop making walls
Walking hand in hand down these halls.

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