Colossal Squid

Deep, sunken into the cisternae of the earth,
An aqueous underworld, oppressively dark,
Houses angels of oblivion, cloaked in crimson frocks.
With vast fiery mitres rising high atop their heads, they glide,
Worshipping, worshipping in the dark.

A devout and steadfast order,
Endlessly studying the script of the blind
For chance frequencies in the murk.
Their bulbous crowns, feeble flesh
Maintained by the punitive pressure
Of an endless sea.

All-seeing monarchs of old.
Their emotionless, angelic eyes
Rove and search in the abyss.
They see all in this realm, blighted of the sun.
Silent sentinels to the sheol of the world.

Paying alms, giving in sacrifice
Paying alms, giving in sacrifice
To the God of the Hunt.
Their anointed tendrils, writhing carefully,
Collagenous censers wave in the Deep.

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