The moon began to fade away,
leaving behind another beautiful day .
She dressed herself with the best she had,
the empty roads and the cool breeze made her glad.
Hours had passed and the day became hot,
sitting amidst the forest, she was lost in her thought.
The damp trunk on which she sat,
the water droplets that fell on her hat.
The lush of trees and the buzzing of bees,
she started exploring and enjoyed the peace.
She could smell the fresh water nearby,
bluish-grey was the colour of the sky.
Stunned she was to see the pond so clean,
such beauty of nature, she had never seen.
She could feel the soul of the nature alive,
and prepared to go back, it was already five.
She wished to go back to the forest again,
and see those beautiful colours and forget every pain.
Every bit of this adventure, she imagined in her mind,
And smiled to herself on realising that she was blind.

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