Colours are teachers

Colours,Reason which led me love world
Many many tried to burn my world.

Hunger tried, to destroy my joy
But oranges make me feel, I can get my world.

Houses burned infront me,
Was losing temper, but can't cry freely
White painted gold to my world.

I Was lying under tree, felt a sleep deeply
Saw, that I was stuck in a maze,
Was in a rush couldn't find a way
yellow tinted but greens exit to my world.

Bullies were around, My head was down
Furiously they broke the Bow
I looked up in the sky
Blue lift me up to my world.

They made me cry, don't let me fly
But I try;
Sandy their heads when they saw me in Black
Elegance loaded to my world

Colours inspire make me desire
Now, I'll burn who burn my world ❤

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