I see eyes so blue I feel as though i'm falling to the ocean
I see a smile so bright the sun glowers with envy
A laugh so joyous father time stands still to listen

I see hands strong and tough , years of work showing with pride
Yet gentle enough to comfort those you love in times of need
Calloused by the strength you put into everything you do

I see posture radiating confidence in a man who knows know other path
then the one he's laid for himself, day after day
A soul with so much wisdom the ancestors glow with pride

I see dreams spun of pure gold, worn with the grace of a king
A MAN who had to grow up young but spends his life
Using his time to chase down childhood dreams

Finally I see a heart so big, Aphrodite herself is jealous
This heart defines you as the giver of emotion
The man that the weeping beam and the angry as calm as a flowing stream

I see the love of my life, the keeper of all my secrets
The one that holds my heart, the one that could break me
but instead chooses to build me up

I always see you

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