I want to be touched
Not by rough hands and cold skin.
But by a ribbon of words that wrap themselves around me
Binding the wounds left by those who grabbed me too tightly.
Trace a map of the world on my back and throw your compass away
So the only way you can find where you're going
Is to follow the curves of my lips and swim the rivers within me.
When you know all of my mountains, and deserts, and oceans
Only then can you explore me.
Because until then, I am a world unknown.
There are too many voyagers who want only to exploit this land
For gold and power.
But there is no more gold and they will never have power over me.
My forests have been burnt down and my oceans polluted
With the rubble of torn down walls, and broken promises.
So if your boat lands on my shore
And you clear a path through the empty bottles and razor blades
All the way to my heart
I hope you brought a broom, not a shovel.
Because there's no more gold to dig up
Only broken pieces to be swept if this forest is to grow again.
I want to be loved
Not in the way words tumble off the tongue, soaked in whiskey.
Not in the tangle of sheets I have to unravel, alone and defeated.
I want to be loved in a way that means you'll discover a whole world
Before you even step foot on this land.

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