Come Alive

Stop looking at me like that.
You're making me fall weak and I hate it.
I'm suppose to be strong, but your eyes keeps drawing me to you.
Not suppose to have these feelings rise within this chest,
Yet you keep casting your spell onto me and I'm enjoying the feeling.

You make me come alive, but at the same time I want to hide.
Since I'm not suppose to fall for you like I did before.
Yet here I am again, writing about you and my broken desires.
Expressing the same sense of lost love from years ago in this new age.

Stop looking at me like that with your seductive smile.
You keep getting my thoughts twisted around your gaze.
Since you're making me yearn to get close to your touch.
But I should know better than to fall for the same trap twice.

You make me come alive, but you're making me hate myself deeply.
Since I told myself to never have my heart scream out your name again.
Now you're invading my dreams and found a possibility for an 'us'.
Replacing every fantasy with your image instead of the one I truly desire.
Stop looking at me with your ocean-like eyes and burning my world to ashes.

You make me spiral out of control.
I try my best to keep my composure,
But with you around, you've become poison to my skin.
That I'm suffocating just to breathe and be normal.
You're not good for me, but why am I yearning for you?
I want to scream 'go away', but my voice lands on deaf ears.
Since instead you decide to close the gap between us every time we're apart.

And you make me come alive, but you make me want to hide in the darkness.
'Cause truth be told, I'm afraid to fall back in love with your shadow.
Waste my emotions and tears on empty promises of friendship and desires.
So I need to play smart in this game and keep my heart in check even if it kills me.

Please stop looking at me like that with your ocean-like eyes.
I don't want to fall to pieces like I've done so many times before...

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This Poems Story

This one was inspired by a crush on a co-worker.