Come Back

The absence of stability was evident
when the pieces no longer aligned
exuding charisma from the apparent lack of self-control,
but lacking consistency
obscenities began bum rushing my mind
I knew right from wrong
I knew good from bad
but the distinction didn't stop the two from merging
urging me to remain stagnate
unfortunately, I couldn't with brain signals rampant
similar to being locked in a room of ticking time keepers
I saw time itself running out and while locking me in
as time went by, sleep escaped me
unlike the past, when it only evaded,
but the rest would last
but now, now not so much
now, silence frightens me
stillness is unheard of
and the voices won't stop signing off key
repetitively, they agitate my attitude
and pit my alter egos against one another
no bicycler's hat could protect me from
the internal quarrel that's scrambling my thoughts,
externally I seem a little off,
but not quite as crazy as I felt
I've gotten too accustom to even attempt to heal
so I have but one option,
To accept that you, dear Sanity, are gone

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