Come Home

A little boy with big dreams
Of following in his Daddy's footsteps
He ducks and dives and rolls
through tall grasses with a toy gun in his hand
He plays all day
Shouting and yelling and laughing
Until his Mommy calls him home
telling him"it's time to eat"
Years later the little boy is all grown up
His dreams have become reality
He finds himself once more in a field
but this time the gun is not a toy
The field is not one of tall grasses
but one of corpses
He shoots and kills and cries all night and all day
Until he forgets to duck and dive and roll
In an instant he is back
in the field of his childhood
And once again he hears his Mommy call him home
But this time Daddy calls him too
They tell him"that it's time to come home"

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