Come Home Lucile

She desperately wanted there to be a passageway that would take her back home here. Or maybe a magical fairy’s spell could send Lucile right on back home with the flick of a wrist? Or maybe Lucy would have to find a witch who brewed magical potions to find a way back home? Oh, how she dreads finding her way out of here to get home. Only because Lucy knows all too well Dorothy had to travel down the Yellow Brick Road before she could tap her heels and magically wake up napping blocks away from her home in Kansas, and Alice had to venture all the way through Wonderland before she got to the place where she could un-stack the cards so that she woke up back at home in England.

“You know…there is nothing as tempting as a locked door.” He said.

His voice appeared out of nowhere. The guardian angel Lucy suspected. But he was nowhere to be found when she looked up to find him this time. He seemed to be completely gone except for the vibrations from his voice floating into both of her ears.

“Something brushed up against my foot.” She said.

"Late into the night, the snow fell and fell.” He said.


She was confused, again, of course, well who couldn’t be in this place besides guardian angels recruited and kept on the task force by the holy man God himself?

“Late into the night, the snow fell and fell, but they never could find little-miss Now-Dead-Lucile.”

He said this softly before the wind came and stole his voice away from her for good.

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