Come lay down with me

Come lay day down with me for a quick moment
That can feel like an eternity
It’d be daytime and we’d be inside
But our shivers could create countless stars
As we contemplate each other’s universe

Come lay down with me for a pleasant moment
Our great minds will just start thinking alike
We can admire our various similarities
While comparing our key differences
As we fixate on our numerous fantasies

Come lay down with me for a peaceful moment
As our thoughts travel though time and space
Our bodies will send out connecting signals
So that our souls can dance tirelessly
To the music of our heartbeats

Come lay down with me for a gentle moment
And let’s keep it as simple as possible
Lighting, talking, and clothing are optional
Our breathing patterns will guide us through each other’s world
Because our silences can speak louder than any words

Come lay down with me like two open books
And let me read you, as you can read me
I know my pages can be so blurry
But you might discern some of my darkest mysteries
If you could just come and quietly lay down with me

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