Come October

Come October, We will sit beneath the skies,
Your black hair flowing in my lap,
Our fingers playfully entwined,
Your red lips lighting up with the only ray of light,
Making it forever last, that one starry night.
Come October, I will sing to you my heart’s song,
I will hold you as your breath falters,
I will run my fingers through your hair,
I will caress your lustrous lips with mine,
I will give you a reason to smile,
For I will love you, and make you forever mine,
Come October, I’ll guide you to the magical sky,
Where love would spring eternal and dreams never die,
And like birds, in the stars we’ll fly,
And in the stars, I’ll hold your heart and you’ll hold mine,
And in that one starry night you’ll see,
We were meant to be together, you and me,
Give me that one kiss, and look into my eyes,
My heart sings truth, in this orchestra of lies.
Come October, and I’ll make you see,
The October sky is a canvas, for you and me,
Let’s hold each other, this moment shall never fade,
Join me, do my soul this favor,
come with me, lets make this October last forever
This month of love is a never ending sea, a monsoon spring where hope never dies,
Let me love you , make you forever mine

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