Come to Collect

I have to run, I don't know...
somehow I cannot hide, and I'll always show.
Paler then the moon, whiter then the snow.
Her eyes brilliant, consuming as the stars;
Beauty personified, heart riddled with scars,
No one will open their eyes, this is not their fight.
My whole body freezes, I wish to take flight.
Sights set on me, she glides to where I stand,
I thought, "This was not what I planned."
So long ago, a child I was, I made a deal;
with a kiss, my fate I did seal.
To escape the misery of that life, that fear and strife,
ten years I had, before I must pay-
so ten years later, she came, exactly the day.
I was dead when I woke up this morning,
and I'll be dead before the day is done.
My eyes closed, my head bowed down,
prayer cannot help me now.
She hunts for me with bloody feet across the hallowed ground.
The saints cannot help me now, the ropes around me bound.
Angel, miracle, savior to me as a child-
Demon under the perfect skin, her hands on me, she smiled.
She held me in her arms, I couldn't make a sound.
She took me to the river...where she slowly let me drown.

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