Come To Me Again Later

My petal like fingers would forget your touch and wither,
and my cool stream like words would dry up in this hostile weather.
My red-moon like love would hide behind the clouds, blatant,
and my voice, like stars, would remain etched but distant.
As now, your name is off my heart’s platter,
even if your life gets blander, Please don't come to me again later.

Your supple memories have turned into forgotten dreams,
and your calls seem like insignificant screams.
Your souvenirs have all turned to ash,
and your tears have been demeaned to be fake water splash.
If now, you realize that with me your life would have been higher and greater,
even if you have fallen deep, please don't come to me again later.

I was like the wild wolf, who every on eerie night would howl towards the golden moon
and like the sunflowers who every on sunny day would pray to the sun, grateful for their boon.
I was like the devotee, who, to offer her deity pricks her hand to get the rose,
and like the healthy berry, which didn't mind getting plucked by you, from the bush it grows.
But you chose over this berry, something artificial ,unhealthy but sweeter,
even if your teeth rot, please don't come to me again later.

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