Comet Sing

I saw it,
The comet
As it whizzed past our house
It was dazzling
And bright
And wonderful
It sounded almost like a bird singing
In the morning
Right in sync with the sun
It sang to me
As a mother would to a crying child
And I listened
Listened to every word it said
Until it hit
Until it hit our house
Then I stopped listening
And started ignoring
Ignoring the facts
The facts of life
But I couldn't ignore forever
It changed me
And as my life went on
I started hating
Hating the comet...and life
The older I grew, I realized my name
And loathed it
Thats why I changed
Changed my name
I was only eight when it hit
And my name was still the same
I was named badly
Badly for the devastation and excitement
I caused to the world
The world hit me
I hit me
Hailey hit me...
And changed me

Hailey's Comet

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