Comfort Is Insanity

What is comfort
To me Comfort is insanity
Complacency perpetuated by lack of wisdom, adventure, and growth
It is the plant that is seeded with mundane routine and repetition
In the comfort of our old shoes
The worn out retros
Or Chuck Taylors you hold on to
Because the value of memory or security it holds
You find comfort in the happiness it once gave you
Holding on to the dream that they can be renewed
Or restore that sense of temporary happiness it has always been
You find attachment in its value
From the time you tried them on in the shoe store
Rather than the value of its current condition or lack thereof
There is a timing for everything
Every food has an expiration date
Every sports season or reality show has a season end
Every calendar has an end date
But the clock keeps ticking
Proof that growth and change is inevitable
But why wait until tomorrow
Or when the timing is right to take action
That subtle voice in your head is right
Don't second guess it
Just live


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