Comfort Zone

The comfortable feeling of being clean is astonishing.
I stay in a old hotel riddled with people walking around in all directions.
You stare as each individual walks by.
Wondering what kind of pain brought them here.
Comfortable walls enclose me.

Life stories from all over.
Troubles of families leaving and coming.
Expressions of hate and triumph walk tall.
One minute the eyes look at the colors of the carpet.
Next minute, good news pulls the head up to glance at what lies in front.
Comfortable walls enclose me.

Tears flow uncontrollably from the shame and thoughts we put ourselves through.
Hugs from brothers and sisters makes the guilt drip off the shoulders.
Telling strangers your deepest secrets
They understand my hurt and life.
Comfortable walls enclose me.

Thank You All

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Tags : #addiction, #recovery, #love
Key Words : addiction, recovery, drugs, rehab, rehabilitation

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This Poems Story

The rehabilitation center I went to help me out so much and the people inside my group rooms have saved my life.