Comfortable in my Brown Skin

Just because my skin is light brown
I was born and raised on the not so good part of town
my biological pops never came around
sometimes my pants may very slightly hang down
I like to wear my snapback turned around
and hip hop and R&B are my favorite sound

Does that automatically make me a thug or a clown
because when I go to church, school, or store
on the nicer side of town
and get around those with a skin tone that's not so brown
all I get is weird looks, frowns
and treated like they don't really want me around

They all of a sudden clutch their personal items real tight
but just a few seconds ago it was lying freely on the ground
you would think I did a robbery downtown
or getting ready to set off a clip full of rounds,
but all I did was just come around

This had me wondering, what's really going on
and will I forever be bound and put down
by the reputation of those with the same skin tone
and who live in the same or similar side of town
who are just seen as the statistical underdog

Or is there a way that somehow
the world's universal and common perception can be turned around
and see that just because you're from the other side of town
your skin is red, yellow, black or brown
doesn't mean that your trash
left to be stepped on and looked over on the ground

But that we're actually kings and queens minus the crown
because the one who makes the world go around
and who truly wears the crown
doesn't care whether your skin is white, black, red or brown

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