Coming of Age

Once the world was bright and new
Bigger than you could have ever dreamed
Conversations were easy
And questions always had answers
Curiosity was limitless, and there
Was a sky full of stars to explore
Facts were facts, and there was no
Deeper meaning to the things around you
The sky is blue
Because it is. And we accepted that.
You get a little older, things get a little
More complicated, you realize that you won't
Be a kid forever
Answers get a little more complex, the questions
Never stop, but the boundless curiosity has gone
Down the drain. You're not sure you want
To know everything anymore, or if you can.
You find that things you used to believe aren't true,
And bigger, more intricate facts take their place.
Everyone out there is preparing you for the real world.
It'll be hard--that's a fact.
You leave high school, and the world is
A little bit bleaker, a little more complicated,
A little more difficult than you anticipated.
But you accept that.
Because that's just part of coming of age.

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