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Coming Out

I told my Mom I was gay when I was 14.
She shook her head in confusion and said,
what do you mean?
I said, I think you know I'm not like the others,
I'm crushing on my friend's sisters, not on their brothers.
She took a deep breath and pulled me in close,
with a kiss on the forehead, she said, I love you the most.
Those are the words I've always wanted to hear,
but this is not a true story, let me be clear.
I told my Mom I was gay when I was 14.
Her reaction was ugly, hurtful and mean.
With tears streaming down, I could barely see
the look on her face when she said to me,
Do you really want to stick your tongue in a another
woman's (yeah, you know word!)
I stood there as if it were all a dream
because how could my mom say that to me,
I was only 14.

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    This Poems Story

    In writing this, I go back to that moment 35 years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. My family and I have since repaired our relationship (superficially, anyway,) but it has taken the better part of 20 years to do so.