Have you ever had a secret and kept it to yourself ?
Scared of what reactions you’d get off someone else.
A lie you feel your living coz your not being you ,
Will there ever come a day when to myself I can be true
I kept it all inside me could not tell anyone I knew
That I was GAY didn’t fancy boys did they have a clue?
I finally told my family my sis said that she knew
One time she planned my birthday with the strippers too
Overheard her with her mate planning it all through
So I just faked being ill that’s where she got her clue
I have another sis an brother i finally told them too
They did not reject me said “ we’ll be there for you “
After telling my family I then told my mate too ,
Nothing changed between us until her cousin knew.
It was the first time I’d met him an his girlfriend too
Pick a window pick a door I was going through.
I’d never felt so much hate just for being gay
Then my mate looked at me in a different way.
I was asked to leave even though there I did stay,
So I just packed up my bags and quietly walked away.
Times now are so different it’s more okay to be gay
Just want to be accepted and live my life my way .

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