Coming Out of the Mist

The shimmering scales, of the once so noble creature,
stand before us today as a myth.
The legends of this creature flying and delivering good luck
to those who need it still hang around in the air.
The cool morning air brings a vision into mind.
Back further and further into the past
stands one wise creature unknown to humankind.
Breathing ever so carefully not to disturb the air around,
it stays still, knowing that somewhere in the ripple of time
someone stands and acknowledges it.
Suddenly the ground shakes and the winged creature takes flight.
With its wings extended into the sky it is suddenly hit
by a metallic object.
Tumbling toward the ground it braces itself for the impact.
One loud thump fills the sky and then all is dead silent.
The moonlight shines down and offers the fading light
of the creature hope of a new life.
Time moves on and the light has vanished.
A tap brings me back to reality and I can sense a presence behind me.
I turn and catch the last glimmer of scales before it vanishes
into the white mist that surrounds me.

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