Coming Out

I sit with my father
Tense as if it's the final judgement day
Bright TV screen in a dark room
maybe I hoped to enlighten him
and bring him out of plato's cave.
Yet it's my own head that is chained
for I do not dare turn to see his face
Lips of women lovers touch.
Tense from fear, I sit in agony,
all but a beating heart in a statue made of ice.

I wished to test the waters with my feet
To see how my father would react
Now acid is dissolving, chemically reacting.
Flesh peeling off my bones.
My father is pouring acid on my feet
Like he would pour scalding water
when I was sick and cold
He tried to cure me of my illness
"I'm doing what's best for you"
At least it was for love.

My father has grown up only seeing shadows in the dark
So when I dragged him to the light
the brightness seared my father's eyes
He cannot bear to see the realness of their vivid beauty
"Queers, they are all just stereotypes"
Dear father, look at me.
Look me in the face and take away my humanity.
His eyes are adjusting slowly to the light.

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