Common Sense

This is what they like to call an "Us and them thing".
It's a have and have not's dream
It's a human world where being human isn't free.

Socialism, Consumerism, Communists, and Fascists
They see the problem but all they do is mask it.
We're passed the point of quarantine but you don't seem to grasp it.
It stretches from Detroit to Dominica to mother fucking Damascus.

These are the times that try men's souls, but mine wasn't trying.
I couldn't justify relaxing when the world order needed redefining.
So let me clarify the underlined to un-vilify the terrified.

Privilege is pathetic. Regency irrelevant. Riches, I say to mother fucking Hell with it.

The only way this could be an us and them thing is if we were also noosed to the puppet string.

Comfort yourself with stories of progressive tense but this is what I call common sense.

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