Communication is a medium that opens many doors,
An exchange of thoughts and idea, through figurative metaphors!
Verbal transmissions through actions, sight, sign and sound,
Communication connections are literally all around!

It starts at birth with a kiss, a hug and a smile,
An infants fixed gaze eyes, trying to focus for a while!
Although still groggy from effects, of the anesthetic drugs,
Mom communicates with baby, through comfort, touch and love!

Communication continues on, as we grow through life,
Words learned, increase in size, our brains now sharp as a knife!
Expressing ideas, opinions and thoughts, through our human speech,
Is another form of communication that Man cannot un-teach!

Modern day communication, has technology winning the race,
With, snail mail, telegraph and telephone, fast falling from grace!
Information at the speed of light, for this microwave generation,
Now, communication as we knew it, wears the face of automation!

Written by: Sarita A. Milliner © 12/11/15

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