A lake of ideas, a thimble of time…
Will it ever all get made?
If inspiration comes by today,
I hope it finds me working.
I want my legacy to be…I never stopped creating.
I’ll dare to be as great as Pablo Picasso.
Inside of all of us, there lies the artist.
In 100 years, our art could be called artifacts!
Deep down in Austin, Texas,
There was an art exhibit.
It wasn’t your typical 500-dollar artwork.
It was God’s masterwork.
It was you and I.
It was what lies in each and every one of us citizens.
Deep down in Austin, Texas,
There was a fun-loving monster on hiatus.
This town will chew you up & spit you out as the World’s best artist.
She’s the dead art’s lost recruiter playing total sweetheart.
Inspiration struck lightening-swift…
Oh No the great monster has took a liking…
There’s a Spirit here people can’t get away from…
The real artists say “Hey Man, keep calm.”
Let her Spirit ride over you & go with the flow.
Be glad the roaring beauty torments your creativity into flotation.
A Spirit lies awake in Austin, Texas.
She gives you the hearts of pure artists.
She offers abundant lands and shores for your lake of ideas!
She turns a thimble of time into live-life-in-the-present hysterias.
We’re all creating before we get our tombstones in this city.
That will be my legacy, and I hope you had the time of your life listening.

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