Comparative Analysis

Inevitably and hopefully, I pine for your attack.
I've seen myself in all directions. Flying forward, falling back.

Compare and contrast this vision, of what am I supposed to be?
What different paths could I have taken? Butterfly flaps, eternity.

Could I have been more creative? Could it have counted a bit more?
Maybe progressed in ways impressive, a bit better a bit before?

I watch the beautiful moments. Alive with achievements, happy tears.
All I feel is my own admonishment. Once again controlled by fears.

Fighting fleeting wishing. That this time things might change.
Maybe I could have the courage. To one time win, an endless game.

It's not enough. It never is.
To feel satisfied, like I have lived!
I compare and I contrast.
Looking forward, always back.
Proud of you, old empty me.
You wear my hopes in modesty.
Here I am and here I'll stay
Find some courage, another day.

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