Comparing You to Tape

You're a piece of tape, and I'm stuck on you!
Or maybe that's incorrect...
Are you stuck on me, instead?
How does one determine
if a piece of tape is stuck to someone
or someone is stuck to it?
Like that little brother, unwanted little shadow,
clinging to your side all the time-that was annoying.
So you'd pull his hair and tell him to bug off,
stop sticking to your side, like a conjoined twin.
But, did he stay because you were sticky?
Not he, with his had-pancakes-with-syrup-this-morning hands,
but you, with your cooler, older, smarter, more mature status
that called to him like a full cookie jar?
Not his fault, but yours?
Does a piece of tape stick to something,
or does something stick to it?
Or... are we just stuck together?
You're a piece of tape.
Let's stick together for awhile and then peel away.
But no matter where we end up,
some of the glue on you
will stay stuck on me.

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